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Undead, Drunk, And Cannibalistic Is No Way To Go Through Life

05.28.2010 · Posted in Vampires, Weird Criminals

A little bit “Twilight,” a little bit Hannibal Lecter, and a whole lot of booze: a combination sure to lead to jail. Andrew Whiteman, 21, an Oberlin College student from Royal Oak, Michigan, was arrested in Lorain County, Ohio last weekend on charges intimidation and disorderly conduct while being voluntarily intoxicated. Whiteman was trying to ...

“Vampires” Arrested In New Zealand, Use Failure To Burst Into Flames In The Daylight As An Alibi

05.16.2010 · Posted in Vampires, Weird Criminals

Two people were arrested in New Zealand for allegedly taking part in a bloodsucking attack on a man, and a third remained at large.  It seems that two of the perpetrators started biting the man in retaliation for inappropriate flirting.  Chomper Number Three freely admitted to biting the man and had what he considered to ...