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Hoarding For The Apocalypse?

06.11.2010 · Posted in Graverobbing, Weird Criminals

A forty-something grave robber was arrested in Dax, Australia when he was caught stealing a large amount of religious items from two French cemeteries. The man stole over 70 items, including Christ figurines, bottles of holy water, crucifixes, and commemorative plaques. Maybe this guy is stocking up for an impending spiritual peril, like the apocalypse, ...

Stolen Bones

06.04.2010 · Posted in Graverobbing, Weird Criminals

Andres Sotelo-Rivera, a 41-year-old man from Tampa, Florida, was arrested for removing multiple bones from a grave dating from the 1930s in Woodlawn Cemetery. He was caught by a cemetery guard and had several bones in a Spider-Man backpack. Soleto-Rivera had an unidentified accomplice and motive is unknown. Miles away in Uganda, Steven Sebageya,  was ...