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Is Demonic Possession A Pre-Existing Condition?

06.17.2010 · Posted in Demons, Exorcism, Legally Weird

As if battling demonic possession and going through an exorcism weren’t troublesome enough, try adding a lawsuit against an insurance company to the whole mess. I think I’d rather deal with the demonic possession. The Cincinnati Insurance Company has denied a claim by City Church for All Nations / Cherry Hill Church Ministries and several ...

Exorcism On The Rise In Australia

05.22.2010 · Posted in Demons, Exorcism

Anglican priest Barry May says he has been performing the ritual of exorcism about once every two weeks lately. Father May claims the increase in demand for his services is partly because “the occult is awakening.” Most of Father May’s exorcisms have been performed on houses, with only four or five done on people. Father ...