Things Get A Little Biblical In Greece

06.01.2010 · Posted in Miscellaneous

frogger Is there such a thing as a national apocalypse? It might just seem that way in Greece lately. In addition to its severe economic problems, Greece also experienced a problem straight out of the Old Testament: a plague of frogs.

Masses of frogs swarmed across a highway in Greece last week, forcing closure of the road to prevent further accidents and amphibian carnage.

Witnesses said it looked like “a carpet of frogs.”

There is no official word on why caused the real-life version of Frogger, just speculation that the frogs were in search of food. Maybe, but if reports start coming out of Greece about livestock dying or lots of hail . . .

– Julie


They Call It A Murder Of Crows For A Reason

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tweevil-looking-mean Fierce crows have been attacking the citizens of Berlin recently. No, they haven’t been watching old Hitchcock movies and getting ideas; they’re protecting their nests during breeding season.

Despite having valid reasons for the attacks, the crows are still a significant hazard and have caused a few people to require medical attention.

The attacks have caused police to put up red and white tape in particularly hazardous areas, along with signs reading, “Warning: Aggressive Crows.”

It’s not just the German crows that get cranky about protecting their young. Similar attacks have been reported in England, where no official action has been taken so far. Really, anywhere there are crows in an urban setting, the crows freak out and sometimes attack people. The close quarters and overstimulation are just a little too much to take and the primal need to protect one’s personal space and offspring kicks in and trouble ensues. Kind of like when people get a little upset with each other at Wal-Mart.

– Julie


Creepiest Fowl Play Ever

05.31.2010 · Posted in Weird Criminals

axe-128x128 Alaska State Troopers responded to a grisly and weird scene last week: 26 headless chickens arranged in a line, with a circle of the carcasses at the end. Three unharmed chickens were nearby.

The owners discovered the bizarre scene when they went to feed the chickens in the morning. They did not hear anything unusual the night before. They were understandably pretty freaked out.

Why were the three chickens unharmed? Left as witnesses? Chickens make pretty poor witnesses from a crime-solving standpoint. Then again, it doesn’t make much sense to behead and cryptically arrange 26 chickens, either.

– Julie


Town Can’t Seem To Get Enough Of Having The Town Hall Investigated

05.31.2010 · Posted in Ghosts, Hauntings


Photo by T.S. Custadio

Members of the Bay State Paranormal Society were met with unwelcoming activity at the Middleboro town hall recently.  A door slammed by itself, and their recording equipment detected a voice seeming to say “get out.”

Bay State Paranormal Society is the third paranormal group to investigate the hall in the last two years.  The are working on a report of their findings. The town hall will be filmed by Scared! this fall.

A prior investigation by the Paranormal Institute of New England detected a voice saying “help me.” The Enfield Paranormal Society said they found cold spots and saw the ghost of a man in the balcony area. They also sensed a woman repeatedly on and around the stage and reported shutters opening by themselves.

The hall was constructed in 1873 on the site of a former Native American village and has been a district court, jail, post office, and community center. Employees have reported unusual footsteps and the ghost of an elderly man. The Paranormal Institute of New England identified the man as Solomon K. Eaton, the building’s original architect, who died while the building was being constructed and who was never given proper credit for his design.

Three investigations in three years, and none of them were for a TV show. Each team has claimed to have found evidence of paranormal activity. Is the town going to keep having the place investigated until THE piece of evidence of the supernatural is found? Will finally having a show taped there in the fall end the repeated investigations, or will the town keep trying to get nationally televised shows to come visit?

– Julie


If I Died In Colbert County, Would It Make The Evening News?

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I don’t think a ghost story is what the band Drive-By Truckers meant when they wrote that line about death in North Alabama in their song, “Puttin’ People On The Moon.”

In Tuscumbia, Colbert County, Alabama, workers in the WMA office have come up with some interesting footage they say shows some long-gone prior occupants of their building. The photos appear fairly normal at first, but after “enhancing the clarity” of the images, local historian John McWilliams says there are images of what appear to be ghosts in the pictures.

McWilliams and EMA Director Mike Melton know they sound a little crazy when talking about these photos, but they don’t mind. They say the whole thing is a creepy but are remaining “lighthearted” about it.

Looking at the “before” and “after” photos, it seems to me that the “enhancing” means adding a bunch of images to the picture. What do you think?

Stills of the pictures can be seen by following the link below.

– Julie

Title taken from “Puttin’ People On The Moon,” by the band Drive-By Truckers.

Theme Park A Little Too Realistic?

05.30.2010 · Posted in Ghosts, Hauntings

skeleton dancing The Flambards Village tourist park in Helston, England, has a Victorian Village Experience exhibition that is designed to re-create a street from the Victorian Era. The many shops and businesses lining the street contains many items from that time. Apparently, some of those items come with spirits attached to them.

One of those spirits identified itself to psychic Barry Norman of the South West Paranormal Team as David Edwards, 46, who died in 1968. Another identified as Caroline Hollsworthy, 66, who died in 1907 and is attached to a pair of her shoes that she loved and that are on display at the shoe shop. The spirit of Caroline said she was responsible for the smell of roses the investigating team detected. She also said there were six other spirits at the site, including four children.

One of the child spirits identified itself as Cynthia, 8, who died in 1923 and enjoyed a dollhouse in the village. Another said he is Frankie, 10, from Cambourne, who died in 1909 and is attached to a tin on display that he used to keep his marbles in.

If there really are ghosts of the people whose former possessions are on display at the park, it certainly helps to make the “experience” a little more real, and intriguing. So, publicity stunt to drum up more business in dour economic times, or the real deal? If it is a publicity stunt, it hasn’t been very well advertised. Maybe a theme park set to look like days gone by would be a comforting place for a ghost to stay.

– Julie


Scary Questions, Part 2

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warning It’s Question Time again!

Scary Question Number 3:

Ghosts and Photography-How do cameras catch ghosts in the picture and how does it work?

How does a camera know when a ghost is around, I take pictures all the time and I never see any white stuff that let;s you know that the white stuff is a ghost, what type of camras cature real ghosts in the picture.

Dang. This person seems to think that a camera can be sentient regarding the presence of ghosts. Somehow I can’t find the “detect ghosts” setting on my Kodak dial. Oh, wait, maybe I need to upgrade to a more advanced camera that captures “real ghosts.” You know, the kind that have been used to definitively prove to all that ghosts really exist. Surely this person isn’t that out of touch with reality. That’s too scary to think about. Maybe this question just came from the future . . .

Scary Question Number 4, Part A:

If a person practices Wicca….does that automatically make them a witch?

I am new to Wicca and am still learning. When will I actually be considered a witch??

Scary Question Number 4, Part B

Wat does being a witch mean? Am i a witch?

It sounds ridiculous, but i think im a witch. anybody who thinks they can help or guide me, please can i have your email address.

Well, the BEST way to make sure you’re a REAL witch is to pay at least several hundred dollars to someone who is willing to certify you as a witch. Duh.

Scary Question Number 5

Are mythical creatures like bigfoot and the loch ness monster real?
is it true?
is there proof?
thanks :)

I really hope the people who ask questions like this are under the age of 8 or have just come out of a lifetime of complete seclusion from others. How is it they are capable of finding some sixth-rate question board but are obviously incapable of performing the most basic of searches on the internet? How do they remember to breathe? I hope they don’t drive . . .

– Julie


Neat Bar Trick Or Ghosts?

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Patrons at the New Inn in Gloucester, England were surprised when an unattended pint glass of beer moved across a table and crashed to the floor.

The New Inn, built around 1430 for pilgrims on their way to Gloucester Cathedral, has had its share of strange goings on reported over the years. According to local lore, children were killed in a fire at the pub several hundred years ago. The current owners say their daughter seems to be talking to the ghost of a young girl and that their dog’s food bowl turned itself over. The owners also say people have reported strange footsteps, cold spots, items going missing, and televisions becoming partially unplugged.

Skeptics say the glass appeared to move on its own but was likely sliding on water on a slightly uneven table. I have seen that happen myself, and it doesn’t take too much moisture or angle to make a glass slide a good distance. Even though that simple trick of physics is fun to play with, especially after a few pints, it’s more exciting for pub patrons and owners to wonder if this time the sliding glass was the work of ghosts.

A local paranormal investigation team plans to see what they can find. Even if they find something, that wouldn’t mean the glass of beer incident wasn’t of secular nature.  Either way, it looks pretty neat when a glass slides across a table and falls to the floor by itself.

I also wonder about the dog bowl thing. Pets can do some supremely clumsy things, and sometimes they are startled as hell about the consequences. Last night my cats managed to work together to flip over their heavy food plate on the kitchen floor (I still don’t know why they did it, but it was fascinating to watch). They seemed to be doing it intentionally, but boy were they alarmed when it worked and made a huge noise in the process.

– Julie


Girl Becomes Own Kidney Donor

05.28.2010 · Posted in Medical Mystery

Angel Burton is one lucky and medically amazing kid. Her kidneys were failing, so doctors began to operate on her to repair her kidney valves. To their surprise, they found two healthy kidneys had grown on top of her failing kidneys.

None of the many scans or x-rays done of Amber’s kidneys picked up the anomaly, adding to the doctors’ amazement.

Her condition is called duplex kidney, which means her kidneys are made up of two units joined together, and this only occurs in about one percent of the population. They way Ambers are formed means she has four kidneys and four ureters. The two healthy kidneys have taken over and Amber is now healthy.

We throw the phrase “medical miracle” around, but this is about as close to the real thing as I’ve ever heard of.

– Julie


Need To Ruin Your Appetite?

05.28.2010 · Posted in Graverobbing, Weird Criminals

So I was eating a nice gooey slice of pizza as I learned of this story.

Prosecutors in Naples, Italy launched an investigation into a macabre rumor that gives a new meaning to the term “secret ingredient.”  According to tradition, pizza in Naples is cooked in a stone oven with an oak-wood fire. Lately, the problem is the source of the wood. It is quite possible that a gang has displayed some real ingenuity and sold wood from coffins dug up from the local cemeteries to pizzerias looking to save some cash.  Some of the the cemeteries are in terrible condition and are looted for all kinds of things on a regular basis.

This could mean Pizza Margherita is sometimes maybe really Pizza Margherita, if the wood came from the right grave. Eww.

I’m not sure whether it’s gluttony, hedonism, or just being jaded, but despite being very grossed out by this news I still want to go get another slice out of the pizza box in my refrigerator.

– Julie