Pennsylvania’s Very Own Lake Monster? – Raystown Ray

05.02.2010 · Posted in Uncategorized

If there is a lake monster in Raystown Lake in Pennsylvania, it sounds more like a minor-league baseball team mascot than some scary thing cryptozoologists would be interested in.  In fact, the only scary thing about Raystown Ray may be that people think he (or she? Raystown Raelette, maybe? Could they get Ray Charles to write it a theme song from the beyond? Talk about giving it some street cred!) is real.

The thing is, Raystown Ray apparently lives in a man-made lake. That’s right. So it’s not like it could be the descendant of something that has lived in the lake’s waters for eons. It would have to be like the alleged sewer alligators of New York or some beastie capable of traveling long distances on land to get from Lake Erie or the Atlantic Ocean to the young lake.  Also, it appears to be vegetarian, for it has eaten no pets or small children, and there are no strangely chomped-upon carcasses of local wildlife turning up. If it did any of those things, it wouldn’t go unnoticed, because about 2 million people play on that lake every year.

Still, there is a long history of sightings (see Ray’s website, listed below), and they all sound like your typical lake-monster sighting. Undulating body, large shadows under the water, etc. There are the typical grainy and fake-looking photos, too.

Whether or not Raystown Ray is real, he seems to be sorely undermerchandised for a harmless but semi-famous local curiosity quite possibly invented as a marketing ploy. I could only find a Boy-Scout-style patch, no t-shirts, no mugs, no stuffed animals. Poor guy!

Check out the links below and The Google and judge for yourself, or just wait for the SyFy Channel show some time in June.

I have to come down on the side of “it’s a marketing ploy” on this one.  What do you think?

– Julie