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Having A Magnetic Personality Might Not Be So Great

08.26.2010 · Posted in Medical Mystery, Mental Powers, Miscellaneous

Brenda Allison of North London, England, has magnetism. No, it’s not that she has a personality that draws people to her (thought she might), it’s that she has a biochemical makeup that makes metal objects stick to her. Ms. Allison not only can stick change, safety pins, and spoons to her body, but also can ...

Twitter Study Proves Nothing. Surprise!

06.13.2010 · Posted in Mental Powers

Richard Wiseman, a professor of psychology from the University of Hertfordshire, conducted a “scientific experiment” via Twitter to determine the existence of psychic powers. I’m sorry, but Twitter and scientific studies don’t quite seem to go together. Novelty studies, sure, but nothing involving real scientific method. I mean, please, this is a site where people ...

The Last Time I Checked, Tupperware Didn’t Come With A Risk Of Possession

05.16.2010 · Posted in Mental Powers

Goodness knows those Tupperware, Pampered Chef, etc. parties are painfully dull. That’s why suburban ladies moved on to sex toy parties, which added the potential excitement of having your neighbors and co-workers know waaay too much about your sex life, and you about theirs. Joy. There had to be a better party solution. Some geniuses ...