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Rambling Chupacabra Weirdness

09.06.2010 · Posted in Chupacabra, Cryptozoology

The folks at the Tuscon Citizen have a blog about weirdness in Tuscon. Their latest post concerns El Chupacabra and seems to be saying something about an AOL News report about goat beheadings in Mexico being blamed on the creepy cryptid.  Then they natter for a little bit about goatsucker jokes often being at Arizona’s ...

Chucacabra Legend Endangers Coyotes

07.19.2010 · Posted in Chupacabra, Cryptozoology

People, people, people. There is entirely too much confusion in the media these days about the chupacabra, and as this is my favorite cryptid, and as it is causing totally non-chupacabra critters to die unnecessarily, it makes me cranky. Everyone knows chupacabras look like this: Or something like that. The most important things to note ...

Google Translate Failed To Tell Me How To Say Goatsucker In Polish

05.25.2010 · Posted in Chupacabra, Cryptozoology

El Chupacabra continues its international journey. Not content to remain in North and South America, Chupie has made its way to Poland. In 2009, people in Poland reported dead animals that seemed to have had all of their fluids removed through tiny holes. Apparently, these kinds of killings are happening again. Some residents of Kornelin ...