Rambling Chupacabra Weirdness

09.06.2010 · Posted in Chupacabra, Cryptozoology

The folks at the Tuscon Citizen have a blog about weirdness in Tuscon. Their latest post concerns El Chupacabra and seems to be saying something about an AOL News report about goat beheadings in Mexico being blamed on the creepy cryptid.  Then they natter for a little bit about goatsucker jokes often being at Arizona’s expense. Really? Because usually when I see reports about Chupacabras, especially lately, they’ve been from Texas. Maybe Arizona has an inferiority complex, or they’re trying to deflect attention away from their political troubles.

Anyway . . . people are blaming the many, many goats with slit throats on El Chupacabra because there hasn’t been much blood at the scenes. It’s more likely that it simply absorbed into the dry, hot ground, folks, or maybe was collected for nasty silly “satanic” rituals. But neither of those explanations is as likely to draw media attention as the blaming of the elusive goatsucker.

– Julie


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