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Somebody Tell Jesus Pole-Sitting Went Out As A Fad Decades Ago

09.08.2010 · Posted in Uncategorized

A Hathaway, Louisiana man claims a bunch of vines on a utility pole have assumed the form of Jesus on the cross. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the shape of the pole mimicking the shape of arms on a cross. No, nothing at all. Sources: Video at: Story at: ...

Rambling Chupacabra Weirdness

09.06.2010 · Posted in Chupacabra, Cryptozoology

The folks at the Tuscon Citizen have a blog about weirdness in Tuscon. Their latest post concerns El Chupacabra and seems to be saying something about an AOL News report about goat beheadings in Mexico being blamed on the creepy cryptid.  Then they natter for a little bit about goatsucker jokes often being at Arizona’s ...

Chupacabras Didn’t Get Me Yet

09.06.2010 · Posted in Miscellaneous, Uncategorized

No, my favorite cryptids haven’t sliced and diced me and prevented me from posting lately. Instead it’s just the humdrum being totally overwhelmed lately. So, posts are going to be pretty short for a while – mostly links to articles I found interesting and a few quick comments. I hope to be able to resume ...