Having A Magnetic Personality Might Not Be So Great

08.26.2010 · Posted in Medical Mystery, Mental Powers, Miscellaneous

Human MagnetBrenda Allison of North London, England, has magnetism. No, it’s not that she has a personality that draws people to her (thought she might), it’s that she has a biochemical makeup that makes metal objects stick to her.

Ms. Allison not only can stick change, safety pins, and spoons to her body, but also can blow out lightbulbs, make television screens flicker, set off battery-operated toys, shut down cash registers, and trigger car alarms through her mere proximity.

Scientists seem to think that Ms. Allison’s personal electromagnetic field (we all have them) is just a lot stronger than normal and that the cause may be stress. Through the use of a journal, Ms. Allison has found that her powers are strongest around the time of her menstrual cycle. She also noted that sometimes she emits a positive charge, and sometimes a negative one, meaning sometimes she attracts and sometimes she repels objects.

Sometimes Ms. Allison’s condition embarrasses her, like when she went to a grocery store and the registers went out and the clerk shouted at her and accused her of putting a voodoo curse on the machine.

Other alleged human magnets include Romanian hospital worker Aurel Raileanu, Malaysian farmer Tan Kok Thai (who claims to also attract rocks, plastic, rubber, wood, and bananas . . .), the Tenakaev family of Russia (three generations of human magnets!), and Malaysian Liew Thow Lin, among others.

There even has been a human magnet competition in Vietnam this year as part of a celebration of Vietnam’s department for the research and study of energy. In 1990, 300 people alleging special powers of attraction showed up at the Superfields conference in Bulgaria.

So what causes these mysterious powers?  Why do some people only seem to have magnetic power, while others also have powers that attract other kinds of items?  Are they all hoaxes, or do some people really have a chemical makeup that gives them these abilities?

I don’t know, but for a few years in the early 1990s, I seemed to have the power to affect printers strangely. In various locations, documents I would send to print would come out with characters transposed or strange parts of the page missing, and sometimes my mere proximity seemed to make printers spontaneously reboot or print things that were sent to the queue a long time ago. I have no idea what this was all about, and affecting only printers seemed so random. I often wished I could harness whatever it was that was causing it and put it to use for practical purposes, but I never did figure it out, and it seems to be gone now. I guess I have lost my youthful magnetism.

– Julie


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