Scary Questions, Part Six

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Which is more scary: the questions or the widespread abuse of the English language on the message boards from which they came?

Scary Question Number 13:

Does watching paranormal shows on TV invite that stuff into your home?

July 16th, 2010
I love to watch shows such as Ghost Hunters and Paranormal State. My family insists that you are inviting that kinda stuff into your home just from watching. What do you think?

Oh I wish this was how it worked, because I often watch the MegaMillions drawing, and that would really come in handy for paying off the student loans. And all those episodes of Top Chef would either turn me into a decent cook or there would just be delicious gourmet food waiting for me when I open the oven. I could watch the fitTV channel and never worry about my figure or cardiovascular health again.


Scary Question Number 14:

Am I possessed after watching Paranormal Activity?

After watching the film “Paranormal Activity” I have had quite a few intense nightmares. I never used to have nightmares until after watching th film for a second time. The first nightmare I was in this room where the walls were made of human skin and I was talking to two men who had bowl hair cuts and were extremely pale with black eyes. They told me that if I said “suicide” within 10 minutes I would have to stay there forever. I managed not to say it and when I woke up I couldnt move my body for a shorrt while and my legs just started to rise from the bed. I found this terrifing and quite disturbing. The second dream I woke from my bed in the dream and my mother was calling me. I went into her and she was lying on the ground face down with her head twisted to the side and she kept saying help me. When I touched her her eyes changed to cat like yellow eyes and her appearnce changed also to a more menacing face and she bit me. I have had more dreams like this one involving other family members and friends and their faces change to the same form to that which my mothers changed and they always bite me.

Does anyone else suffer from dreams like this? What could it be?

I dont listen to rock music or devil worship. Im not a depressed type person and i find this very weird. Can anyone help me please?

I often joke that I think television is magic, because although I technically know the processes by which images are transmitted to appear on a screen in my home, I am somehow still totally amazed that this works and that anyone ever figured it out. As my high school Physics teacher said, “I don’t think Physics is Julie’s best subject, but she tries really hard.” That said, I do understand that television transmission is NOT MAGIC and therefore the programs I watch cannot make things happen in my house or to me. Well, sometimes the commercials seem to make me order a pizza, and sometimes I stay up too late watching a movie and then suffer the next day from lack of sleep, but these things are my voluntary reactions to watching the programs, not the programs actually DOING anything to me against my will.

Nor have I ever interpreted having some scary dreams, especially after watching a scary movie, as me being possessed. Which isn’t to say that the occasional creepy as hell dream hasn’t made me need to go watch cartoons for an hour or so until the trauma of the dream has passed, but a bad dream is just a bad dream. Has this guy seriously never had a nightmare before? Did his parents never comfort him when he had a bad dream as a child? What did they do, tell him it was the work of satan’s minions? Dude, the world isn’t only made up of unicorns and lollipops, so you had better learn not to freak out when your brain copes with some of the nastier stuff by providing you with a nightmare. And stick to the G-rated stuff from now on.


Scary Question Number 15:

can witch turn herself in vampire by some balck magic spells or ritual?

If you are planning to write some sort of new insufferable paranormal series aimed at teens based on some sort of witch-vampire hybrid situation, please don’t, especially if you are so uninformed of general folklore about vampires and witches that you will ask this kind of question.


Have you seen a scary question? Let us know!

– Julie

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