Oh Lourdes: Fake Holy Water For Sale

07.07.2010 · Posted in Miracles/Hoaxes, Miscellaneous

Holy Water Fake A professor in South Korea claimed to be able to create holy water. Not just ANY holy water, mind you, but holy water with the healing power of the holy water from the shrine at Lourdes. Pretty ballsy. Also, isn’t the healing power of the holy water supposed to come from the water being holy?

Professor Kim claimed he invented a contraption of filters and water purification cards that would give the water healing properties. He claimed that medical properties could be made into digital signals and that those signals could be radiated onto water, thereby giving the water special healing ability. That’s why different waters could be programmed to treat different conditions, he said.

The people at the Discover blog had a field day with the total scientific quackery of this scheme.

In a totally non-shocking turn of events, people complained to the police that the devices the bought from Kim failed to cure their ills. What is shocking is that Kim managed to get enough people (5,000!) to buy the stuff that he made the equivalent of $1.3 million in US dollars.

Then again, I know a lot of otherwise intelligent people who seem to think the Master Cleanse is a healthy and medically sound way of ridding the body of toxins. You know, just because something doesn’t kill you . . .

– Julie


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