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Chucacabra Legend Endangers Coyotes

07.19.2010 · Posted in Chupacabra, Cryptozoology

People, people, people. There is entirely too much confusion in the media these days about the chupacabra, and as this is my favorite cryptid, and as it is causing totally non-chupacabra critters to die unnecessarily, it makes me cranky. Everyone knows chupacabras look like this: Or something like that. The most important things to note ...

Another Case Of Foreign Accent Syndrome

07.16.2010 · Posted in Medical Mystery

Foreign Accent Syndrome is not what happened when Madonna moved to England. It’s a peculiar change in the way someone’s voice sounds, making it sound like they have suddenly developed a foreign accent. Unfortunately, it seems to only happen as the result of some injury to the brain. Wait. Maybe that IS what happened to ...