Another Unfortunate Dead Thing Said To Be A Chupacabra

06.30.2010 · Posted in Chupacabra, Cryptozoology
New Mexico Chupacabra

Image: Donald Gialanella

Donald Gialanella came across the carcass of an unfortunate beastie while he was on a hike about six miles northeast of Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. He’s not saying that it IS a Chupacabra, but he thinks that it certainly could be or is at least some new cryptozoological find.

Gialanella points to the following as evidence that this isn’t just some run-of-the-mill creature:

protruding spine bones (Nope, this couldn’t possibly have been caused by the skin contracting as it dehydrated. Or Photoshop)

the one large canine tooth he claims is 4 to 5 inches long (You know, gums recede in humans after death due to dehydration. This is part of what caused people to start believing in vampires. I guess it would be absurd to think this happens in other dead mammals, wouldn’t it?)

the oddly-shaped feet, which he says look like hooves but also have features of paws (Dude, they are paws. Period. Sad little paws that have contracted due to the decaying process. Has this guy never ever seen photos of dead animals before?)

the large hole in the chest, revealing (dun-DUN!) no internal organs, despite no insect activity that he could see (Oh boy. I don’t suppose, say, that the insects and other scavengers already ate the organs and left because they cleaned the plate. No, that would be really odd for a dead animal to have its body scavenged and then left alone once all the juicy bits were gone.)

Naturally, the guy didn’t take the thing home with him, and when he went back the next day to get it, IT WAS GONE!

As if the “clues” weren’t silly enough. someone on the Unexplained-Mysteries message board also analyzed the photo and thinks it was doctored. Do go check out the original post with this analysis. There is an awesome 30-second video of the carcass, complete with totally cheesy “eerie” music that is supposed to help convince you that this thing is some unknown mysterious creature.

You know, El Chupacabra is my favorite crypto creature, as I have noted before, so it just makes me sad when someone makes such a sorry attempt to prove its existence.
It’s almost as bad as that guy in the Bigfoot suit with the zipper. It’s so much better when someone at least manages to submit a sample for scientific testing, like a museum in Crosbyton, Texas is doing. The Mount Blanco Fossil Museum is willing to display a strange-looking carcass, but they are making sure it’s not some embarrassing extra-mangy coyote. Results are, of course, pending.

Come on, folks, let’s try a little harder next time. Don’t destroy the magic with sensation-seeking half-assedness.

– Julie


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  2. Wow thaniks for this I too have an inserett in Crypotzoology see for my blog articles. In particular my solution for fresh water lake mosters sightings is that they are sturgeons, the ancient dinosaur fish.

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