Fame-Seeking Judge Now Turns To The Paranormal To Get More Attention

06.28.2010 · Posted in Legally Weird, Miscellaneous

paranormal trialIt’s not enough for retired Broward Circuit Court Judge Larry Seidlin to be famous for his courtoom antics and teary meltdown during the case  involving Anna Nicole Smith’s burial. It wasn’t enough for him to pen a related book, “The Murder of Anna Nicole Smith,” or to go on a media blitz tour of tv “news” shows to promote it. Now Seidlin has shot the pilot for a new TV show called “Psychic Court.”

The show will involve the judge hearing cases and consulting with psychic mediums, tarot card readers, astrologists, etc. for advice, and will even have them give sworn testimony, before he rules.  In a press release, Seidlin said,

“I’m opening my courtroom to those who deal in paranormal activities as a way to help uncover evidence and assist me in determining who’s telling the truth,” said Seidlin. “Psychics, clairvoyants, and the telepathic are much like judges in that they possess tremendous intuition. I often rely on my intuition to determine who’s being truthful and who’s lying, and in ‘Psychic Court’ I’ll benefit from the assistance of those who are experienced in the paranormal. It’s going to be amazing.”

Here’s how the show plans to use the paranormal to seek out justice for our entertainment:

“Psychic Court” will employ the services of top practitioners from the most popular paranormal categories, including:

*Mediums – Who will channel and communicate directly with the dead to gain new evidence.

*Astrologists – Who will uncover character defects based on the alignment of stars.

*Tarot Card Readers – Who will expose lies with the help of their mystical deck of cards.

*Remote Viewers – Who will visit the time and place of the conflict to provide eyewitness testimony.

*Faith-Based Sensitives – Who will consult with angels and saints to garner information critical to the case.

The show, which publicists are calling “the fourth dimension of court proceedings,” has not yet been picked up by a network.

With this kind of show in development, I suppose we’re not too far from seeing all kinds of paranormal-related shows on the Game Show Network. Maybe a new version of “To Tell The Truth” involving people who claim to have psychic powers? Shows to see which contestant can levitate something first or highest?

Well, points to the producers for finding a way to cheapen the paranormal and the justice system simultaneously in a way that makes the “Paranormal Cops” or “Psychic Detectives” shows seem like they ought to be archived by The Smithsonian Institute.

– Julie


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