Ghost Annoys Firefighters

06.23.2010 · Posted in Ghosts, Hauntings

ghost and firetruck Firefighters in Butte County Fire Station 55 in Bangor, California, say their station is haunted, and they don’t like it. The building itself is a ramshackle mess of older structures that have been combined to make the station, and it is in such bad repair that it may be demolished.

Captain Scott McLean has been at the station for almost ten years and insists the place is haunted. He said the firefighters have learned to work around it. Ghostly activities include doors being opened, objects being moved, and strange noises being made. Firefighter Anthony Brown felt a presence pin him to his bed in the middle of the night recently and tried to call out but all that came out were mumbles. McLean says the same thing once happened to him.

As a result of the hauntings, many of the firefighters refuse to sleep at the station, choosing either to sleep in their cars or stay up watching television. Other firefighters refuse to work there entirely.

Who haunts firefighters? What kind of irritating spirit gets its jollies by annoying and depriving of sleep the very people who have dedicated their lives to protecting others at a moment’s notice? We want them to be as well rested as possible. This ghost must think it’s pretty hot stuff to have scared a bunch of people who rush into burning buildings for a living. Well, haunting firefighters is like haunting policemen or medical staff. It’s just not thoughtful. Maybe if the building is demolished, the ghost can go find some other place to haunt, like a convenience store or a donut shop. Wouldn’t that be more fun anyway?

– Julie


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