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06.22.2010 · Posted in Ghosts

ghost camp Teens interested in the paranormal now have new options for parental-approved summer activity. Mom doesn’t like you skulking around a graveyard with your friends? How about if she pays for an instructor to take you?

This year, Mount Wachusett Community College is including Paranormal Investigations Camp for teens as part of its summer program for youths. The course will cover the different types of paranormal activity, how to investigate (and sometimes debunk) paranormal activity, and how to handle the aftermath of the investigation. Teens in the course will get to participate in an actual investigation and will receive a video of the findings.

For anyone looking for something different to do this summer, there is a camp offered by PsyKids in North Carolina. The Enchanted Forest Intuitive Arts Camp is for all ages and lasts for one week. It includes classes on nature elementals, energy healing, dowsing, color, orbs, and more. The more intense camp is advertised as being for the “multisensorily gifted and talented” of all ages. Activities include an Enchanted Faerie Walkabout, a trip regarding tree spirits and ghosts, orb photography, meditation on world peace and social justice, swimming, and beach volleyball.

In October, you can attend a three-day, two-night “camp in Brandywine Valley, in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The camp includes walking ghost tours of West Chester, Phoenixville, and a colonial plantation. The camp promises you will “make memories that will haunt you forever.”

These camps sound a little more interesting than your standard hey-it’s-raining-time-for-macaroni-art camps. I’ll bet the quality of ghost stories told at bedtime is way better than the old man-with-the-hook-arm-and-the-teens-in-the-parked-car tale (though that did make for a fun episode of “Supernatural”). Know of any other ghost-related camps? Please leave a comment and let us know!

– Julie


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