Room With A Boo

06.19.2010 · Posted in Ghosts, Hauntings
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He ought to at least get a complimentary breakfast for that

It used to be that having what seemed to be a ghost in one’s hotel room was grounds for calling the front desk and demanding a room change. Now it’s a reason to seek out particular hotels to book an exciting vacation.

Several hotels, likely in dire need of income from summer guests after the past few years of people indulging in “staycations” to save money, are cashing in on the recent surge in interest in the paranormal to entice tourists to book stays.

In Eureka Springs, Arkansas, two hotels are running a special deal for tourists interested in being haunted. Here’s what the “Paranormal Pair Package” entails: a room for one night at the Crescent Hotel, rumored to be haunted, of course; a room for one night at the Basin Park Hotel, also haunted, two ghost tour tickets for each hotel (yes, the hotels are even *charging extra* for possible encounters with spirits); and my favorite part, two “collectible ghost squeezees.”

I had no idea what a squeezee is. The Google failed to enlighten me, but the site informed me that it is a “a foam hand-held stress reliever in the shape of a ghost.” Well, that sounds like a fabulous and durable souvenir. Maybe a glow-in-the-dark ghost keychain or cup would be better. If you book the “Spirit of The Crescent Package,” you get a video and a t-shirt. The “Most Fun” package a t the Basin Park Hotel comes with all kinds of ghost tour and underground tour tickets and a disposable camera (great for taking blurry pictures – proof of ghosts, you know – and pictures of orbs – not dust! No! Ghosts!).

The Inn at Duck Creeke in Wellfleet is also claiming to be home to some spirits who bring a little extra to the guests’ stays. A recent article in the local paper highlighted tales of ghostly activity at the hotel. The owners claim they don’t tell the guests about the ghosts but will chat about them if the guests bring it up. (1) Right. They don’t like to talk about it, hence the newspaper article in which they go on at length about it. (2) Nice. That’s as bad as not telling the guests that the hot water tends to be absent, then saying “oh, yes. That happens from time to time. Ha ha. Sorry about that. Hope that hasn’t affected your stay.”

Naturally, the Stanley Hotel (the setting for Stephen King’s book, “The Shining”) is attempting to draw in tourists with some good paranormal pr work. The hotel offers historic ghost tours, a special Halloween weekend including “The Shining Ball” (the flyer shows an eerie image of a man with an axe, with REDRUM scrawled in red below him), and a gift shop that sells all kinds of goodies commemorating the famous novel. When I visited there years ago, I bought a postcard in the gift shop, and it was just a regular picture of the hotel, with no hint of any kitschy ghosty murdery stuff on it. The woman working in the shop said “Just the card?” to me in as icy and snobby a tone as she could muster, as if I were being the biggest cheapskate ever (hey, I was, I was in grad school amassing colossal student loan debt). I thought, hey, lady, YOU’RE the one working in a shop surrounded by “redrum” sweatshirts, so perhaps you ought to take the condescension down a notch, hmm? I’m sure they probably sold squeezees, too.

– Julie


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