University Of Florida Students No Longer Protected From Zombies

06.16.2010 · Posted in Zombies

zombiestudents School officials at the University of Florida seem to like a good joke, but not enough to keep it around. Not even just in case. In case of what? Zombies. Let’s hope they don’t regret that decision. Seriously. Because that would mean zombies attacked, and that wouldn’t be good at all now would it?

The University had put links to its emergency response plans online, including a link to plans for handling a zombie apocalypse. The report included a recommendation to form a specialized zombie response team within the University Police Department. Whether due to budget concerns or lack of concern about the undead rising and attacking students, the University has declined to form such a team.

The plan itself can be seen at and is pretty thorough. It includes an explanation of why zombies should be referred to as “life impaired” rather than “undead.” The Infected Co-Worker Dispatch Form is fantastic.

The person who included the zombie preparedness plans was not reprimanded because the University apparently appreciated the attempt to add some levity to an otherwise somber subject. I guess one thing a university can still afford these days is a sense of humor. Or maybe it’s just concerned that it could be really hard to distinguish a life-impaired zombie from a student stumbling home after the bars close. You know, until it’s too late and they’ve tried to eat someone’s brains, because that might be about the only way to tell.

It seems our government might be taking this a little more seriously: Guantanamo_guards_prepare_for_zombie_attacks

– Julie


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