WWJD? Probably Not Play In Traffic While Naked

06.15.2010 · Posted in Weird Criminals

JesusTraffic A naked man stood by I-95 in Darien, Connecticut and yelled that he was Jesus. The self-proclaimed savior fled in a car when police arrived, but they managed to apprehend him. Naturally, drivers found this somewhat distracting, and a five-vehicle accident ensued.

Fortunately, no one was killed. The driver of a semi-trailer had his head, legs, and arms pinned in his truck, and it took a long time to extract him. An officer on the scene said, “He couldn’t have done much worse but somehow he managed to stay in the void and stay alive.” Maybe this Jesus saved, too.

It is unknown in the naked man has been charged with any offense, and his name has not been released. Maybe it really is Jesus, just not THAT Jesus.

Do you suppose anyone involved in the crash yelled “Jesus!” just before impact?

– Julie


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