Imp-possible To Depict

06.14.2010 · Posted in Demons, Ghosts

impphoto Citizens of Nueva Palmira, Uruguay, are abuzz about the appearance of a strange imp-like creature on a power line last week. People called the police to report seeing a flying creature standing on and hovering above a high voltage power line by the port for several hours.

Witnesses said the creature changed colors and was shaped like a doll. It seemed to become annoyed and would move away or wave and shake its head when they shined their flashlights on it. Of course, no one was able to take a good picture of the thing.

Really? It was there for HOURS and no one could get a decent picture of it? Sure, I can see where phone cameras might not have been that great. I can take a picture of my brother dressed in a suit and tie with mine and it will look like I might have finally gotten photographic evidence of bigfoot, and my concert photos look like an alien invasion is upon us, but come on, people. No one had time to run home and get a real camera or go into a convenience store and buy a disposable Kodak?

Oh wait, I get it, the very fact that people tried to get photos on their phones and couldn’t get any good ones must be proof that it’s such a mysterious and otherworldly creature that it can’t be caught on our primitive imagining equipment.

How about at least producing a sketch based on witness descriptions, then?  A crude crayon depiction on a cocktail napkin perhaps? Nope. We don’t even get to see the “bad” phone photos. Maybe the reporter left out the part where the “imp” threw wads of cash down to the witnesses to bribe them into not producing any depictions of it. Or maybe it threatened to come back and eat their children. Whatever. Serious points off for lack of visual aids, folks.

– Julie


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