Seer Doesn’t See Quite Enough

06.12.2010 · Posted in Witchcraft

Witch Hunt Angry villagers attacked a tarot card reader in Puerto Tejada, in south Colombia. Five women writhed, screamed, and crawled like animals after visiting the reader, claiming to have been bewitched by her during the visit.

A local priest tried to calm the villagers with prayer, but the people stormed the woman’s house anyway and burned it to the ground after finding a Ouija board there.

The woman was chased down the road but escaped with help from the police.

So were the women really bewitched, seriously dissatisfied customers, or scheming “mean girls” who just didn’t like the reader? It’s like a supernatural version of “Desperate Housewives.” Too bad the accused apparently hadn’t read her own future lately.

– Julie


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