Umm . . . Ingenious Use Of Land?

06.10.2010 · Posted in Miscellaneous

cemeterywater Manila Water, Inc. plans to build a sewage treatment plant in an unusual place in Taugig City: a graveyard. The plant will be placed under a currently vacant section of the cemetery in the Philippines, and a memorial park will be created above the plant.

For those of you currently saying “Ewwwww!,” the treated water will NOT be used for household consumption. The project is one of several desperately needed treatment plans to help clean up the Metro Manila waters, which are labeled biologically dead due to waste water contamination.

This reminds me of a hill and stream I used to pass in Monticello, Illinois. The stream flowed at the base of the hill, and the hill was part of the town’s cemetery. I always wondered if any decomposition fluids or embalming fluids made their way into the creek, and if so, who used that creek water. I don’t know the answers, but ewww anyway.

– Julie


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