Teen Wolf 2010: Scary, Disturbing, Or Sad And Unimaginative?

06.09.2010 · Posted in Werewolves

teen wolves In Texas, groups of 20 or so high school kids are banding together in “wolf packs.” Yep. Pretending to be vampires is so 2009. Now it’s the hot thing to pretend to be a wolfman.

These teen wolves don tinted and dog-eye-shaped contact lenses and fake fangs. Some even attach tails to their baggy pants. They call themselves really inventive names like “Lupus,” “Wolfram,” and “Wolfie.” You know, if this is the best these kids can come up with, we really do have a problem with our education system.

Hey, kids, they did this way better in an episode of “Buffy” called “The Pack.” Those kids really meant it. Check it out. Of course, it didn’t end so well . . .

I really hope the next big trend in teen angsty romance supernatural movies and books is mummies, because, really, how hilarious would that be to watch them emulate?

– Julie


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One Response to “Teen Wolf 2010: Scary, Disturbing, Or Sad And Unimaginative?”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I wear a tail and believe that my past incarnation was a wolf. These kids are just deranged. I don’t wear gothic make up and contacts to make myself a wolf.

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