Sausages Bad For Bird Aerodynamics

06.08.2010 · Posted in Miscellaneous

kookaburra An Australian kookaburra has been pigging out at barbecues, with the result being the same as it is for humans: getting too fat.  Apparently, picnickers have been feeding the bird sausages, and the bird has been bulking up in response, weighing 1.2 pounds, about 40 percent more than it should. Now it’s too heavy to fly.

A thoughtful resident took the bird to the zoo in Sydney, where it is being put on a diet. I guess the bird probably wasn’t too hard to catch. It couldn’t fly, and I’ll bet it was too portly to run fast, too. Now the bird is getting fit, having thrice-daily sessions with a personal trainer. Darn, why don’t I get a free personal trainer when I eat too many sausages?

Once the bird is fit to fly, it will be released. Do you think it will relapse and regain the weight like many of us do?

– Julie


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  1. Update: Yay! The hefty bird, named Mama Cass by the zoo, has slimmed down and rehabbed its way back to flight. She has been released back into the wild, where we can hope she doesn’t relapse or discover new goodies like bacon and cheese.

    – Julie


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