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06.08.2010 · Posted in Demons, Weird Criminals

nealtimothymugshot Outside Collinsville, Illinois, 44-year-old Timothy Neal and his twin 18-year-old sons Timothy and Daniel were arrested for allegedly beating up another man. The reason for the beat down? An argument about religion and demons. Alcohol was definitely involved.
No description of the argument has been given, other than that there was intense disagreement that erupted into violence when demons were brought up. You know, I suspect this is one of the Devil’s favorite forms of entertainment. Load ‘em up with booze and watch the fists fly over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.
The t-shirt of the elder Neal speaks volumes. As does his hair. What’s with all of them leaning their heads to the side? Genetic defect? A demonstration of cockiness? Did they all get smote mightily on the left side of the head?

Why is it that when regular Joes fight about religion it’s usually over pretty quickly with limited injury, but when leaders of churches and countries do it, it can result in something like the Hundred Years War and decimating body counts? Budgetary differences? The inefficiency of bureaucracy?

– Julie


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