As If Funerals Weren’t Depressing Enough

06.07.2010 · Posted in Weird Criminals

grim eater

There are plenty of traditional ways to get ripped off at a funeral: overpaying for services, paying for services not received, funeral home workers making off with grandma’s jewelry, or home invasions during services thanks to overly detailed obituaries. Not stressful enough? Well, here are some less traditional funeral-related thefts to worry about.

An unidentified man has been attending funerals in New Zealand for the food. He caught the eye of funeral directors because he was becoming a frequent flyer at the services, attending sometimes as many as four funerals in a week. Directors say it was obvious he did not know any of the deceased.

The man, whom the funeral directors dubbed “the Grim Eater,” would eat at the funerals, then take containers out of a backpack and fill them with food to take home.

Other than treating the buffet line like a drive-thru, the man seemed very normal, acting and dressing appropriately for a mourning service. A director confronted the Grim Eater and told him to stop making off with the food, and the man hasn’t been seen at a funeral since.

Is this guy a little nuts, or is he down on his luck and has figured out a clever way to get some food? Maybe attending the funeral of someone you don’t know is a lot less depressing than going to a public aid office.

Stealing from funerals is perhaps becoming a survival trend of sorts this year.  A guy named Park, 59, from South Korea stole 1200 pairs of shoes from funeral services. It’s tradition in Korea to remove outdoor footwear when indoors, and this guy removed his own shoes and put someone else’s nicer shoes on when he left. He took the shoes to resell through his used shoe business and had amassed an inventory worth almost US$2000.

A teen in North Carolina also used funerals for his own gain this year when he stole purses from unlocked mourners’ cars during graveside services.

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