Scary Questions, Part 3

06.06.2010 · Posted in Hauntings, Scary Questions

warning Here we go again:

Scary Question Number 6:

Um. Wow.


Ok, so the next one isn’t a question, but it’s scary anyway.

Scary Statement Number 1:

I want to be so full of God’s power that it makes people afraid. So afraid that they have to believe.

I’m pretty sure God hasn’t been so hot on humans having enough power to make people afraid. If I recall my Sunday School lessons correctly, that job seems to have been taken by the angels already. Anyway, based on her other website, this lady might just want to ease up on the Red Bull.


Scary Question Number 7:

I am in my 40s and have never lost anyone close to me. Unfortunately, my darling mother-in-law has terminal cancer. I am now preoccupied that people’s spirits are near us after they die.

Please don’t laugh, but it gives me the creeps. I don’t want to think my mother-in-law will watch me making love with my husband, that my father will watch me in the bathroom or that my mother will be critical of my spending more time with my kids than cleaning the house as she did.

Am I crazy to think I might not have any privacy after my loved ones die?

Maybe, maybe not, but who says the dearly deceased would want to pay attention to any of that? Like your mother-in-law wouldn’t have anything better to do? Will they be somehow forced to observe every second of your life? Then there must be a hell after all. This one gets an eleven out of ten on the paranoia scale for sure.


More to come next week! If you find any to share, let me know!

– Julie

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