I Guess Witchcraft IS Dangerous

06.02.2010 · Posted in Weird Criminals, Witchcraft

It’s 2010, right? I ask because people have been getting killed over witchcraft lately, and I just wanted to check to see if we are really in the 21st century or if we had warped way back somehow.

Earlier this month in the Bangiwada village in Naswadi, India, seven people were arrested for killing a woman and her son, who had been called a witch and a sorcerer. The accused said the victims caused the death of one of the accused’s relatves, who had died of tuberculosis. The accused, who beat the victims to death with sticks, said the victims summoned evil spirits and plotted the man’s death. Police noted that several of the accused were related to the victims. Three of the accused were stepsons of the woman they killed. Police also stated that the real motive behind the crime was a land dispute going back many years.  So, if the real motive HAD been the death allegedly caused by witchcraft would that have made the killings ok?

In Gold Bar, Washington, Eric Christensen is on trial for killing his girlfriend, Sherry Harlan. Christensen told police he had made Harlan take a Wiccan blood oath to cut off contact with an ex-boyfriend, but that he found evidence of further contact. In his eyes, Christensen said, that made Harlan a warlock or evil traitor. Christensen added, “In ancient times, people who broke blood oaths were sometimes killed.” Despite all that, and some additional evidence, Christensen denied involvement in Harlan’s death until his lawyer smartly changed strategy and instead took the angle that it may have been murder but not premeditated.  Good idea, because the last time I checked my criminal law textbooks I didn’t see violation of witchcraft code, or infidelity, for that matter, as a valid defense for committing murder.

This past week, the residents of Rajapara, India, held a public meeting to determine the cause of multiple illnesses in a village. A shaman accused Bishnu Rabha, 65, and his wife, 60, of practicing witchcraft. After the meeting, villagers apprehended the couple, took them to the woods, beat them, and burned them alive. Police are investigating the matter. Well, that all sounds fair: some people get sick, so kill the people believed to have caused the illnesses? That’s a little more like a leg for a toenail than an eye for an eye, folks.

I’m not going to discuss the children accused of witchcraft in Nigeria. It’s too awful and makes me too upset.

– Julie


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  1. Update: Eric Christensen was convicted of first-degree murder. He laughed as he was ushered out of the courtroom after being convicted.
    – Julie
    Source: http://www.komonews.com/news/local/95658984.html

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