They Call It A Murder Of Crows For A Reason

06.01.2010 · Posted in Miscellaneous

tweevil-looking-mean Fierce crows have been attacking the citizens of Berlin recently. No, they haven’t been watching old Hitchcock movies and getting ideas; they’re protecting their nests during breeding season.

Despite having valid reasons for the attacks, the crows are still a significant hazard and have caused a few people to require medical attention.

The attacks have caused police to put up red and white tape in particularly hazardous areas, along with signs reading, “Warning: Aggressive Crows.”

It’s not just the German crows that get cranky about protecting their young. Similar attacks have been reported in England, where no official action has been taken so far. Really, anywhere there are crows in an urban setting, the crows freak out and sometimes attack people. The close quarters and overstimulation are just a little too much to take and the primal need to protect one’s personal space and offspring kicks in and trouble ensues. Kind of like when people get a little upset with each other at Wal-Mart.

– Julie


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