Town Can’t Seem To Get Enough Of Having The Town Hall Investigated

05.31.2010 · Posted in Ghosts, Hauntings

Photo by T.S. Custadio

Members of the Bay State Paranormal Society were met with unwelcoming activity at the Middleboro town hall recently.  A door slammed by itself, and their recording equipment detected a voice seeming to say “get out.”

Bay State Paranormal Society is the third paranormal group to investigate the hall in the last two years.  The are working on a report of their findings. The town hall will be filmed by Scared! this fall.

A prior investigation by the Paranormal Institute of New England detected a voice saying “help me.” The Enfield Paranormal Society said they found cold spots and saw the ghost of a man in the balcony area. They also sensed a woman repeatedly on and around the stage and reported shutters opening by themselves.

The hall was constructed in 1873 on the site of a former Native American village and has been a district court, jail, post office, and community center. Employees have reported unusual footsteps and the ghost of an elderly man. The Paranormal Institute of New England identified the man as Solomon K. Eaton, the building’s original architect, who died while the building was being constructed and who was never given proper credit for his design.

Three investigations in three years, and none of them were for a TV show. Each team has claimed to have found evidence of paranormal activity. Is the town going to keep having the place investigated until THE piece of evidence of the supernatural is found? Will finally having a show taped there in the fall end the repeated investigations, or will the town keep trying to get nationally televised shows to come visit?

– Julie


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