Theme Park A Little Too Realistic?

05.30.2010 · Posted in Ghosts, Hauntings

skeleton dancing The Flambards Village tourist park in Helston, England, has a Victorian Village Experience exhibition that is designed to re-create a street from the Victorian Era. The many shops and businesses lining the street contains many items from that time. Apparently, some of those items come with spirits attached to them.

One of those spirits identified itself to psychic Barry Norman of the South West Paranormal Team as David Edwards, 46, who died in 1968. Another identified as Caroline Hollsworthy, 66, who died in 1907 and is attached to a pair of her shoes that she loved and that are on display at the shoe shop. The spirit of Caroline said she was responsible for the smell of roses the investigating team detected. She also said there were six other spirits at the site, including four children.

One of the child spirits identified itself as Cynthia, 8, who died in 1923 and enjoyed a dollhouse in the village. Another said he is Frankie, 10, from Cambourne, who died in 1909 and is attached to a tin on display that he used to keep his marbles in.

If there really are ghosts of the people whose former possessions are on display at the park, it certainly helps to make the “experience” a little more real, and intriguing. So, publicity stunt to drum up more business in dour economic times, or the real deal? If it is a publicity stunt, it hasn’t been very well advertised. Maybe a theme park set to look like days gone by would be a comforting place for a ghost to stay.

– Julie


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