Scary Questions, Part 2

05.29.2010 · Posted in Cryptozoology, Ghosts, Scary Questions, Witchcraft

warning It’s Question Time again!

Scary Question Number 3:

Ghosts and Photography-How do cameras catch ghosts in the picture and how does it work?

How does a camera know when a ghost is around, I take pictures all the time and I never see any white stuff that let;s you know that the white stuff is a ghost, what type of camras cature real ghosts in the picture.

Dang. This person seems to think that a camera can be sentient regarding the presence of ghosts. Somehow I can’t find the “detect ghosts” setting on my Kodak dial. Oh, wait, maybe I need to upgrade to a more advanced camera that captures “real ghosts.” You know, the kind that have been used to definitively prove to all that ghosts really exist. Surely this person isn’t that out of touch with reality. That’s too scary to think about. Maybe this question just came from the future . . .

Scary Question Number 4, Part A:

If a person practices Wicca….does that automatically make them a witch?

I am new to Wicca and am still learning. When will I actually be considered a witch??

Scary Question Number 4, Part B

Wat does being a witch mean? Am i a witch?

It sounds ridiculous, but i think im a witch. anybody who thinks they can help or guide me, please can i have your email address.

Well, the BEST way to make sure you’re a REAL witch is to pay at least several hundred dollars to someone who is willing to certify you as a witch. Duh.

Scary Question Number 5

Are mythical creatures like bigfoot and the loch ness monster real?
is it true?
is there proof?
thanks :)

I really hope the people who ask questions like this are under the age of 8 or have just come out of a lifetime of complete seclusion from others. How is it they are capable of finding some sixth-rate question board but are obviously incapable of performing the most basic of searches on the internet? How do they remember to breathe? I hope they don’t drive . . .

– Julie


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