Neat Bar Trick Or Ghosts?

05.29.2010 · Posted in Ghosts, Hauntings

Patrons at the New Inn in Gloucester, England were surprised when an unattended pint glass of beer moved across a table and crashed to the floor.

The New Inn, built around 1430 for pilgrims on their way to Gloucester Cathedral, has had its share of strange goings on reported over the years. According to local lore, children were killed in a fire at the pub several hundred years ago. The current owners say their daughter seems to be talking to the ghost of a young girl and that their dog’s food bowl turned itself over. The owners also say people have reported strange footsteps, cold spots, items going missing, and televisions becoming partially unplugged.

Skeptics say the glass appeared to move on its own but was likely sliding on water on a slightly uneven table. I have seen that happen myself, and it doesn’t take too much moisture or angle to make a glass slide a good distance. Even though that simple trick of physics is fun to play with, especially after a few pints, it’s more exciting for pub patrons and owners to wonder if this time the sliding glass was the work of ghosts.

A local paranormal investigation team plans to see what they can find. Even if they find something, that wouldn’t mean the glass of beer incident wasn’t of secular nature.  Either way, it looks pretty neat when a glass slides across a table and falls to the floor by itself.

I also wonder about the dog bowl thing. Pets can do some supremely clumsy things, and sometimes they are startled as hell about the consequences. Last night my cats managed to work together to flip over their heavy food plate on the kitchen floor (I still don’t know why they did it, but it was fascinating to watch). They seemed to be doing it intentionally, but boy were they alarmed when it worked and made a huge noise in the process.

– Julie


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