Girl Becomes Own Kidney Donor

05.28.2010 · Posted in Medical Mystery

Angel Burton is one lucky and medically amazing kid. Her kidneys were failing, so doctors began to operate on her to repair her kidney valves. To their surprise, they found two healthy kidneys had grown on top of her failing kidneys.

None of the many scans or x-rays done of Amber’s kidneys picked up the anomaly, adding to the doctors’ amazement.

Her condition is called duplex kidney, which means her kidneys are made up of two units joined together, and this only occurs in about one percent of the population. They way Ambers are formed means she has four kidneys and four ureters. The two healthy kidneys have taken over and Amber is now healthy.

We throw the phrase “medical miracle” around, but this is about as close to the real thing as I’ve ever heard of.

– Julie


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