You Know How Some Say God Is Inside All Of Us?

05.27.2010 · Posted in Miscellaneous

Vittore-Tribble_jesus_heart_image_250px Well, an image that some have interpreted as the face of Jesus appeared on an MRI scan of a man’s lung in Illinois.

Lungs, toast, fruit, I don’t get it. If it ever really is the image of Jesus in these things, what could he possibly be trying to tell us by appearing in such strange places? Maybe he’s testing to see if we’ve developed sufficiently advanced analytical skills to figure it out before revealing anything more profound. Or maybe if we could understand we’d see it was profound already.

Who knows if this even looks like what Jesus really looked like. I think it kind of looks like Frank Zappa with a weird haircut, or maybe Captain Jonathan from Deadliest Catch.

– Julie


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