Just Because It Might Be Evil Doesn’t Mean It’s Satanic

05.27.2010 · Posted in Legally Weird, Miscellaneous

School safety officer Velma Craig sued the City of New York and the NYPD over what she called a demonic identification card. She refused to wear the card because she claimed the fingerprints on the card and computer chips were “marks of the beast.” Craig was fired for refusing to wear the card, so she sued for religious discrimination.

The City failed to respond to a judge’s request for an explanation of why and how it would be unduly burdened by allowing Ms. Craig to not wear the card, so the judge ruled in Craig’s favor. The City will appeal the decision after a jury awards damages to Craig, who was seeking $7.7 million.

This news made me wonder how it could be possible that anyone would think an ID card chip contained the mark of the beast. The writer of two pages over at the Index of the Web (see links below) seems to think he explains this, but while there is some good paranoid explanation of how barcodes and RFID chips can be used for some scary purposes, there is still no explanation of a satanic connection.

I once edited a book about work-from-home job ideas, and one of them was to be a person who examined people’s bills and other correspondence for satanic signs. I am not kidding. The author really suggested this as a career. So maybe someone really does this for a living and could pipe up and offer some insight on finding the mark of the beast in RFID chips. Any takers?

It will be interesting to see how this whole case plays out in the end. Maybe next someone will sue about being made to remove a tinfoil hat.




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  1. Update: Ms. Craig had to drop her case, just before a judge was to determine damages, because her lawyer quit. The judge would not allow a delay to enable Craig to seek new counsel. Craig’s counsel resigned because Craig was too difficult to work with. Perhaps she was objecting to her bill or some advice because it too showed signs of the devil? The result? Instead of being awarded anywhere near the $7 million she was seeking, Craig was awarded $1. The Lord works in mysterious ways, indeed.

    – Julie

    Source: http://gothamist.com/2010/06/10/demonic_id_card_lawsuit_ends.php

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