Good News For The Infertile And Underfunded

05.26.2010 · Posted in Witchcraft

Hayley Byrne had tried fertility treatments for years and had run out of affordable options. Facing a long wait for publicly funded treatment, Hayley donned a fertility bracelet made for her by her mother.

Four weeks after she began wearing the bracelet, Byrne discovered she was pregnant. Byrne gained a new respect for her mother’s Wiccan practices, and she relied on crystals and prayers instead of painkillers during childbirth. She claims giving birth was easy and painless to the point of surprising the midwife.

Apparently you can buy fertility bracelets from all kinds of places, even I don’t know, but I would think if these kinds of things really work, they are probably way more effective when made for you specifically by someone who cares about you than when they are purchased anonymously on the web. Then again, just about anything seems better than painful procedures that require a second mortgage.

– Julie


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