Spirit Portal In The Kitchen

05.25.2010 · Posted in Ghosts, Hauntings

1907_First_Christian_ChurchThe First Christian Church in Rialto, California, built in the early 1900s, may be haunted by a girl who died in 1967. Kristina Hendrickson died of leukemia, and her father, who had bought the church to keep it from being torn down, had her ashes displayed in a case in the church. For a while, people reported seeing an apparition of a little girl matching Kristina’s description. The ghost has appeared in people’s pictures as well. No one has reported a sighting of the little girl since her father died.

There are still a few other spirits haunting the church, including a woman with dark hair wearing a white dress. Odd phenomena occur in the church, too, such as floating glasses of water, a door that opens by itself, and ghostly footsteps. Various paranormal investigators are convinced there is a spirit portal in the kitchen.

I guess the phrase “everyone always ends up in the kitchen” can ring true even for afterlife gatherings. The last time I heard of a paranormal portal in a kitchen, though, it was in Ghostbusters and was inside a refrigerator.

– Julie



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