These Ghost Stories Don’t Add Up

05.24.2010 · Posted in Ghosts, Hauntings
Kelsey Park ghost

Photo by Stian Alexander

A man walking his dog in Kelsey Park, in Kent, England, not only saw an apparition of a woman dressed in Victorian-Era clothing but also managed to snap a photo of it. The dog, Harry, stopped short when his owner, Paul Reed, saw the figure. Reed had his camera at the ready because he was planning to photograph his dog walking near the geese in the park.


Harry Reed was taking photos of his dog in the park and noticed the dog was behaving strangely. It was only when he got home and developed the photos that he saw the ghostly image that he thinks explains the dog’s behavior.


According to some local witness, a woman was buried in the park in the late 1890s because she loved the park and that her ghost appears on occasion. I was unable to locate any mention of either the burial or other ghost sightings at the park.


The photo in the articles is credited to a Stian Alexander, not the Harry Reed who took the photo.

SO . . .

Sounds like someone needs attention and should watch more “Law & Order” to learn about the importance of having a consistent story.



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