Scary Questions, Part 1

05.24.2010 · Posted in Ghosts, Miscellaneous, Scary Questions, Witchcraft

I feel confident in labeling this as the first post in a series, based solely on the number and quality of the things I saw just this past week.  I am more afraid of the people asking these questions than the strange noises I hear coming from the attic at night.

Scary Question Number 1:

This Sounds Stupid But, How Do I Get Rid Of My Poltergeist?
Now i know that this sounds really stupid but everything that is important to me in my house has gone missing, sometimes never to be seen again.

My mum looses her jewelry.

I have had three sets of keys that have gone missing and I keep having to get new ones cut. They can’t be anywhere because I have stripped the house down.

Things that go missing never come back.

How do I find these or get rid of a “poltergeist”.


Darn, no answers so far. I was hoping to learn something that could help me find that earring that I lost out of carelessness spirits clearly took from me.

Scary Question Number 2:

Do anyone knows any witchcraft to get your ex back?

There is no content posted past the question itself. This question is scary for its abuse of the English language and for its totally misguided approach to relationships. Unfortunately there were answers from equally morally disturbed souls either providing links to a witch who has worked relationship spells with success or providing spells themselves.

Nothing says love like a hex bag.

– Julie


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