You Say Omajinaakoos And I Say Unfortunate Dead Otter

05.23.2010 · Posted in Cryptozoology, Lake Monsters

Ontariocreature2 A sad-looking dead creature washed up on the shores of the creek in Kitchenuhmaykoosib in Ontario, Canada.  Two nurses walking their dog discovered the deceased beastie. It was floating face down in the water.

Local elders say it is what they call “omajinaakoos,” meaning “the ugly one,” and that it has not been seen in about 40 years. They say it could be a bad omen.

The beast, as found, is covered in thick brown fur, with the exception of its face and paws. It has a tail like a rat’s tail.  Some have said the body resembles that of an otter, a badger, or a mink.

There is no carcass to examine, because the nurses left it where they found it after taking pictures of it. Then it disappeared.

The internet is rife with speculation that the animal is either a creature like the “Montauk Monster” or a new kind of chupacabra.

I think it just looks angry. Angry about being dead? Partially bald? Misidentified? Maybe it made a face and it froze that way just like its mother said it would.

– Julie


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2 Responses to “You Say Omajinaakoos And I Say Unfortunate Dead Otter”

  1. First thing I thought as well: It’s an otter

  2. It’s the white eyes that make it look so creepy.

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