Exorcism On The Rise In Australia

05.22.2010 · Posted in Demons, Exorcism

Anglican priest Barry May says he has been performing the ritual of exorcism about once every two weeks lately. Father May claims the increase in demand for his services is partly because “the occult is awakening.”

Most of Father May’s exorcisms have been performed on houses, with only four or five done on people. Father May has also been busy hosting a radio show about ghosts.

Other Anglican religious leaders in the area agree that demand for exorcism or similar services has been on the rise, but they emphasize that the rituals are reserved until psychological guidance has failed to produce sufficient results.

Some problems with exorcism have turned up. A Catholic priest laid a disabled girl on the church’s altar, spoke in “gibberish,” then ordered the girl to walk. When she failed to get up, the priest left her on the altar crying and howling and proceeded to continue with the regular service. The congregation was freaked out by the priest’s behavior, and the Catholic Church’s representatives said that exorcism was legitimate, but that the priest’s actions did not conform with standard exorcism practice and has been attributed to a “mental condition.”

Also, eight men, including a police officer, were charged recently in connection with an alleged exorcism performed at a camp for youth in South Australia in April 2009.

There may or may not be an increased need for exorcism in Australia, but there is clearly a need for some of the people attempting to perform the ritual to have an intervention with regard to their own mental state. Perhaps Father May could help.

– Julie



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