Ghost Hunting For Kittens

05.21.2010 · Posted in Fundraising, Ghosts, Hauntings

St. Catherine's Chapel

A paranormal research society in England held a fundraiser for Freshfields Animal Rescue in which they invited local people to come along on an investigation of Lydiate Hall and Abbey. Lydiate Hall and Abbey (also known as St. Catherine’s Chapel) date to the 1500s, and the area has been occupied since the mid-10th century.

Charity participants used standard detection equipment such as voice recorders (for measuring electronic voice phenomena), and dowsing rods and crystals. They reported getting some measurable readings on both kinds of equipment, as well as “activity” captured on photos.

Legend says people hear the sounds of crying babies and that the grounds were used long ago for infant sacrifice.

No adorable kittens or puppies were used in the investigation. I think this is a nice and innovative way of combining fundraising with a fun and thrilling activity. Way better than some tired cocktail party. Apparently paranormal fundraising is catching on. An investigative group in Nebraska, Midwest Paranormal Investigators, holds a class teaching people how to conduct paranormal investigations. Fees go to the Buffalo County Historical Society.

– Julie


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