Bar Patron Really Refuses To Leave

05.19.2010 · Posted in Ghosts, Hauntings

whiskey A ghost named “Cowboy” is haunting a bar in Gilby, North Dakota. He showed up on a security tape, and he may be responsible for some odd goings-on at the bar. Silverware has moved on its own, the temperature has dropped with no explanation, and a water faucet has been turning on by itself.

I knew a guy named “Cowboy” in a bar in Knoxville, Tennessee. If that guy ever comes back and haunts The Longbranch Saloon there, I don’t want to see it. His ghost either will get drunk and scream at whatever band is playing to play “Whipping Post,” even if they JUST played it, or will set the top of the bar on fire. It will be like he never died.

– Julie


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