The Last Time I Checked, Tupperware Didn’t Come With A Risk Of Possession

05.16.2010 · Posted in Mental Powers

Horrified womanGoodness knows those Tupperware, Pampered Chef, etc. parties are painfully dull. That’s why suburban ladies moved on to sex toy parties, which added the potential excitement of having your neighbors and co-workers know waaay too much about your sex life, and you about theirs. Joy. There had to be a better party solution.

Some geniuses thought maybe the unfortunate people who get roped into these “parties” would find the experience a little more enjoyable if they engaged in a favorite slumber party activity of pre-teen girls: attempting to contact ghosts.

My first thought was “great, just what we need, a bunch of total amateurs poking around with the paranormal. Amateurs who are just grown up and knowledgeable to be completely dangerous.” My fears of an impending opening of a Pandora’s box (perhaps sequin-covered and available in multiple shades to match your home decor) of unfortunate paranormal activity seem to be unfounded, at least for now. These paranormal parties are being led by a psychic or medium who moderates the contact with the beyond (if they make any contact at all). Sort of like one of those “Oprah” shows with John Gray, just live in your living room and smaller. Probably the same amount of unreasonable squealing and shrieking, though.

So, suburbia is maybe safe for now.  At least from accidental release of demons or ghosts. There’s still that pesky problem with having your neighbors and co-workers know too much about your private life. You thought it was bad when you saw your boos buy a “personal massager”? Just wait until your friends hear your deceased Nana giving you advice about your sad love life from the grave.

– Julie

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