Ghosts In Chile, Born Of Sadness?

05.16.2010 · Posted in Ghosts, Hauntings

photo by Diego Grez

People in an area of Chile hit by tsunamis after the February earthquake claim to hear cries of ghosts coming from an area where over 30 people disappeared.  Residents also say that cell phone displays mysteriously light up as if someone was about to make a call. Some say the cries are an attempt by those who passed to get people to find them and bury them. Disaster experts say this kind of reporting of supernatural encounters frequently happens in the wake of terrible disasters that leave no traces of the dead.

Similar reports occurred after the 2004 tsunami in Asia. Then, people reported ghost cab passengers and terrifying noises coming from beaches.

Is our experience of the supernatural sometimes a collective reaction to horrible and unpredictable events? Does it reflect our desire, and perhaps failure, to make sense out of something that seems so senseless? Or are we more sensitive and open to the paranormal at times of great and sudden crisis? Either way, I think it shows our capacity for sorrow and the urge to connect with others in an attempt to heal ourselves and each other.

– Julie


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