Former Canadian Defense Minister vs. Stephen Hawking: The Alien Debate

05.03.2010 · Posted in Uncategorized

Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer thinks he knows more than Stephen Hawking, at least about aliens, that is.  Hellyer has claimed that Hawking’s hypotheses about aliens possibly doing us more harm than good are all wrong. Hellyer instead says that aliens have already been visiting us for a long time, and that some of our technology, such as microchips and fiber optics, came from them.

In 2005, Hellyer asked governments to admit what they know about alien technology in order to help solve the global warming crisis.

So, the debate continues. Have aliens already been here? Were they so impressed by us that they decided not to incinerate us and take over our planet? Are they waiting silently to emerge and kill us all one day like in “War Of The Worlds”? Do they hide among us peacefully if not entirely successfully like in “Men In Black”? Personally, if there are aliens, I hope Hellyer is more on the money than Hawking. I really have no desire for some space creatures to come down and wreck my day by destroying humankind. Maybe they’re just sitting back and waiting for us to do it ourselves.


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